Once my customer describes what has happened to their computer I search for the corresponding reason. Next I share with them my diagnostics and a fair repair price. If they give me a green light I proceed to take care of their computer.

I will do my best to do a good and long lasting repair. I will also do my best to finish the job ASAP because I know my customer needs their computer and we are both interested in saving time. 

This is my idea of a good service.

The following list represents the minimum rates. They do not include parts nor labor. 

                                                                                  Diagnostic is charged at £ 20

                                     Software related tasks


Virus, adware, malware, spyware removal         £ 40

Operating system reinstall                                   £ 50

Data transfer to DVD or Pendrive                        £ 25

Data transfer to Hard Disk Drive                         £ 50

Pictures and documents recovery from a faulty

Hard Disk Drive                                                  £ 90

Driver upgrades                                                  £ 30

Software Installation packages                           £ 40

Data security backup                                          £ 70









Tuition fees (hourly rates)

Basic software (office, openoffice, web

browsers, antivirus suites)                                   £ 20


                                     Hardware related tasks


Laptop Screen replacement                          £ 40

Laptop DC Power Jack replacement             £ 60

Laptop cleaning (keyboard and fan)              £ 50 

Laptop thermal paste replacement                £ 60

Laptop Hard Disk Drive replacement             £ 40

Laptop memory replace or upgrade              £ 20

Apple Mac  Screen replacement                    £ 80

Apple Mac DC Power Jack replacement        £ 90

Apple Mac cleaning (keyboard and fan)         £ 80

Apple Mac thermal paste replacement          £ 100

Apple Mac memory replace or upgrade         £ 40

Apple Mac Hard Disk Drive replacement        £ 70

Desktop PC Screen replacement                    £ 40

Desktop PC Power Supply replacement          £ 30

Desktop PC cleaning (keyboard and fans)      £ 40

Desktop PC thermal paste replacement          £ 40

Desktop PC Hard Disk Drive replacement       £ 40

Desktop PC memory replace or upgrade        £ 30

Printer, Webcam, Scanner installation           £ 30

Router, WiFi setup                                        £ 40


 If there is any item or problem not listed here please call me or send me an email.

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