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Netbook LCD Screen Replacement

Posted by George Gabriel Jaroslavsky on Saturday, April 28, 2012,
Just a few pictures of a typical laptop repair. This time was an ASUS netbook Eee 1105 HD with a broken LCD screen.

The first procedure is to check very basic things:

* Locate the external video output and then to check if there is Video on an external monitor.
* Carefully check the netbook for any faulty cable or any cable not firmly attached to the proper conector inside the screen 
  with precise movements.

After the basic checkings it is a matter of expertise and to pay attention to the det...
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Anatomy of a laptop

Posted by George Gabriel Jaroslavsky on Saturday, April 21, 2012, In : Laptop repair 
The basics:

A first look on the main external components of a laptop: "A picture worth a thousand words".



In a brief, the internal components of a laptop:

Processor:  A
central processing unit controls the functions of most electronic products. Usually called a CPU, this component accepts input data, processes information and sends it to whatever component that is in charge of executing th...
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